The lazy mans quinoa

Quinoa is an ingredient that seems to have quite a buzz about it lately. I like to consider it the new couscous. According to Wikipedia it is a grain that has edible seeds. It has a high protein content and provides ammino acids which somehow makes it a complete protien?  Ok. Whatever. You know how to use Wikipedia too.

I personally like quinoa because I think it tastes good, it’s a nice addition to a meal and has a bit of a nutty flavor to it. The weird thing about quinoa is everyone I talk to says you have to rinse the seeds before you use it or it has a very bitter flavor, which subsequently has turned at least 4 of my friends off from experimenting with it. Maybe I haven’t been using it in dishes where it is plain enough for me to actually taste the quinoa, maybe I magically am buying non bitter quinoa or maybe everyone is just being crazy? Either way I never rinse my quinoa. The first time I bought it was out of a bulk bin where no instructions were to be found so I never bothered. I would like to think that it’s like draining your rice. Ok you should drain your rice because it might be dirty or too much starch or whatever the reasons are people have… but I personally do not have any interest in dirtying (or honestly, going out and buying a fine enough mesh strainer) another thing in my kitchen. Plus when quinoa gets wet it is so small and sticky and gets everywhere I don’t even know how I would get it out of my strainer without a giant mess. Not all of us have husbands or dishwashers to clean up after us. Besides, a little dirt don’t hurt. Right?

So. Go buy some quinoa. (the white kind, I have never really used the red, therefore I do not endorse it ) throw a bunch in the next vegetable soup you cook and have some complete proteins and ammino acids with your dinner.

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