“But you’re a good cook and I’m not.”

Quite often I am told “You’re a good cook.” I’m really not. Yes I cook alot. Yes the food I make tends to be quite delicious. (if I do say so) But really, I am not a good cook. If I have any kitchen talent at all its a knack for choosing recipes that turn out well. Honestly nothing I do in the kitchen is magical or anything any of you readers wouldn’t be able to accomplish yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

There are some people in the world that are able to stand in their pantry, grab a few ingredients and whip up something incredible. Those are people I consider to be good cooks. My Grandma is one of those people. I have seen her take all of the leftovers from Christmas dinner, mix them together into some kind of weird gravy-covered hash and have everyone rave. To be honest that born in food talent seriously intimidates me. But I think I have transcended the kitchen phobia in another way, I am comfortable there as long as I have my recipe safety tether.

The food I make serves me one purpose and one purpose only- I’m hungry. It’s not beautiful, usually not expensive and hopefully not too labor intensive. If I could eat out for every meal and not be broke or weigh 1,000 lbs I would love to leave the food prep to the real chefs. Sadly this is not my reality.

Anyone can do what I do and I am hoping this blog will stand as a little introduction to all of my “non cooking” friends to a world of little planning, little effort and delicious results. I hope to share all of my “secrets”, tricks, and general food for thought (hopefully for your mouth too.) I promise not to dive too far into food politics and as you can probably tell by my poor grammar, lets keep this laid back. Cooking is all about food, and food is fun! Right?

Lets do this.

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