About the “Chef”

Before we get started I feel like maybe I should do a little introduction about myself and the foods I tend to eat. I was born and raised in Ohio on a diet that was dominated by  canned vegetables, iceberg lettuce, meat and a sprinkling of processed foods. I would say I had a pretty typical American diet, leaning towards the health conscious. I never had food coloring or white bread, pop (yes, I say pop. See: Ohio) was limited to less than one a day, Sprite only, and we never ever had caffeine. Fruity pebbles were forbidden and pop-tarts were always a special treat. My grandparents lived in the same house so cooking with grandma was a frequent past time. Dinners were usually home made and we almost always ate at the table.

After high school I moved into my first apartment. It was a studio with a tiiiiny kitchen. Practically no counter space, a sink that didn’t drain properly and a smaller sized refrigerator. Being the typical college student totally unsure of how to properly take care of myself (we can talk about my “punk rock” lack of showering another day) I bought alot of microwave meals, ate out plenty and enjoyed lunch with my friends in the food court at school. My diet was pretty horrible and I’m sure my food budget was ridiculous… but what’s a budget to a 19 year old anyways? One day while grocery shopping with my friend Susie she mentioned that she wanted to try being a vegetarian. Oh college, the land of new thoughts and experiences. Having never really considered it or thought too much about the food I eat in general I asked her why and she said she wasn’t really too sure, it sounded like a good idea and something worth trying. In the frozen pizza aisle we placed a $5 bet to see who could go longer without eating meat… I won the bet about 6 months into it, but 10 years later I still don’t eat meat.

Subtracting one major thing from my diet was enough to catapult me onto a learning path that I am still on. Out of desperation to eat something other than vegetables on bread at Subway or beans and rice at Skyline ANOTHER time I started looking up recipes and implementing the skills I had watched my grandma and mom utilize my entire childhood. Usually people have the freshman 40… I had the freshman -10.

Ten years in the making and I am now the girl who cooks alot, eats weird foods, knows how to make some mean brussels sprouts and insists on having a pantry stocked with things like tvp, wheat gluten, liquid amminos and nutritional yeast.

I might be ten years ahead on my food path but I swear it isn’t that complicated and I will help where I can. I don’t care if you eat meat or post that you added meat to any recipes I share and I promise my diet is not always about health. It is about food, flavor, variety and not eating out. Sometimes I eat frozen cheese pizza dipped in ranch dressing for dinner and I seriously love some canned green beans with butter and Crazy Jane’s Seasoning Salt, just the way mom makes ’em… I just happen to be a vegetarian.

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